With all the new projects going on at Franklin Road Christian School, it only seemed fitting that our preschool department join the action. Before the remodel, the playground was older than many of the students who used it, which as far as playgrounds go meant it was time for an upgrade. Sagging chain-link fences, creaking swings, and worn down jungle gyms were a few obvious signs that we needed more reliable replacements. With the brick fence and shiny new facilities, the preschool teachers may find it hard to keep the high school students off a playground that’s exciting! Eli young, a senior who has attended Franklin Road Christian School since the first grade stated, “The new playground looks awesome, I’m glad the kids can have an exciting place to run and play. I just wish we had a playground that fun when we were younger!” Hopefully we can have a fun place for kids that will last far longer than the previous. The new playground can now not only hold the growing size of our preschool, but also keep them safe; and most importantly keep them having fun!