Will wonders never cease?!! What ever happened to the good “ole” days when an eye pad was a cloth with medicine to put over the eye to reduce swelling; or when I tune meant my guitar was tuned and ready for a song? Those days appear to be long gone—or are they? Maybe they are still here but just in a different look or perspective. Yet we certainly cannot take advantage of these new technologies unless we learn about them.

When I ponder previous years, I remember dial phones, manual typewriters, massive desk computers, black and white TVs, and photographs; but my children remember flip phones, laptops, texting, flat screen TVs, and digital cameras! My grandchildren will probably remember smart phones, paper-thin TVs, hand held-computers (we already have them!), and digital pictures-from a phone no less! I imagine progress depends on your perspective.

Learning new things about recent technology is continuously thrust upon us. We are doing this at FRCS. All of the hard work from last year’s fundraiser has paid off in a fantastic way with the purchase of thirty new iPads. Talk about perspective! The children know everything there is to know about these electronic devices, and I’m the one asking students the questions! A few of us in the “mature generation” cannot even turn a device on, but the students can go through two instructional apps and a game before we can even swipe it on!!! Times certainly have changed, even my perspective- but what fun it is to learn new things daily, especially from the children!