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Our History

The story of Franklin Road Baptist Church and Franklin Road Christian School

Franklin Road Christian School is an educational ministry of Franklin Road Baptist Church.  The school was started in 1974 to meet the academic, spiritual, physical and social needs of students wanting to be trained in a Christian environment.

Franklin Road Baptist Church was founded in August of 1954 under the leadership of Kenneth Chapman and a small group of extraordinarily devoted and dedicated Christians.  Franklin Road Baptist Church had a humble beginning in the old abandoned Kingwood Schoolhouse and then the original farmhouse on the Bill Rice Ranch.  Brother Chapman’s laudable ministry was one of hard work and hard preaching and included an inspirational and informative 15-minute radio program.  After Reverend Chapman answered a call to the mission field, the church was blessed with the leadership and guidance of several distinguished and highly committed ministers including Brother Milton Carr 1956-1957, Brother Randall Douglas 1957-1958, and Brother James Hoshinson 1958-1960.

In June of 1960 Franklin Road wisely called Marvin Murphy of Memphis and under his excellent preaching the church grew both spiritually and physically, with new buildings being built for Sunday school classrooms and a nursery. Brother Richard Heatherly, Franklin Road’s sixth pastor, was called in October 1962 and under his expert ministry the attendance reached almost 100.  A baptistery was added. Alford Thorton, who was a highly regarded teacher as well as preacher, who emphasized the importance of studying and memorizing God’s Word, became the church minister in June of 1964.  Under his direction a bus ministry was established.  After Brother Thorton left, Milton Ker was called and constructed a new church building that seated 400.

Dr. Bob Kelly served as minister From February 1969 to August 1973 and from 1977 to July 21, 1991.  Under his exceptional guidance the church continued to grow, larger baptistery and Sunday school rooms were constructed. The church survived a destructive fire, which burned the church auditorium, Sunday school classrooms, and nursery.  The church raised $90, 847 to pay off the present auditorium and attendance soared. Brother C.D. Robinson served as pastor from December 1973 until October 1976.  Through his fore sight the educational building was constructed, and in 1974 Franklin Road Christian School was established.  The church survived another devastating fire, which destroyed the church building.  Church services were held in the school gymnasium until the current auditorium was built.

On September 1, 1991, Franklin Road Baptist Church was blessed with the start of the ministry of Dr. Tom Wallace.  His unremitting efforts and uncompromising preaching  resulted in the addition of more than 627 new members, and the completion of a new $750,000 educational building which houses the church offices, nursery facilities, fellowship hall, two prophet chambers and ten Sunday school classrooms. On January 1, 2000, Franklin Road Baptist Church called Dr. Mike Norris to be their new pastor and Dr. Tom Wallace became Pastor Emeritus.  Under the leadership of Dr. Norris the church has grown at a rapid rate.  Numerous projects to the physical plant have been completed including a $75,000 remodeling of the school facility.  In the spring of 2009, a multi-million dollar facility was completed providing nine classrooms in the upstairs wing for the high school as well as office space.

Franklin Road Christian School was founded in 1974 under the leadership of Pastor C. D. Robinson.  Dr. Thomas Smith was the first principal and served until 1977.  Mr. Benny Bagwell served as principal until 1982; Mr. Jerry Sumrall took the post of leadership in 1982 and presided as principal for one year.  Mr. Bruce Arnold became principal in 1983 and remained until January 1985 with Mr. Tim Stevens, assistant principal, assuming the role of acting principal for the remainder of the 1984-1985 school year.  In August of 1985, Mr. Ron Carroll assumed the principal’s position and continued in that position until his resignation in May of 1994.  Mr. Tim Stevens assumed the position of principal in 1994 and served as principal until 1998.  Mr. David Hicks was called to be the principal in 1998 and served as principal until July of 2000.  Mr. Steve Adams became the principal after serving in the school in various administrative capacities in 2000 and served until June of 2004.  Mr. David Justice served as the administrator from August of 2004 until July 2010.  Pastor Mike Norris has temporarily assumed the administrative duties as of July, 2010.  In March of 2011, Kenton Kramer was named the new school administrator.  He is the presently the school administrator.