Hello Staff.

         As we begin 2016, there are many exciting changes we are looking forward to in the area of technology. As we begin to implement these changes this year, I would like to highlight some goals first and then give you an update on present and future plans that we have. 

First off, the technology ministry has 4 goals for the staff:

   1. Keeping you informed

   2. Provide training and documentation 

   3. Maintaining a help desk for all of your questions and concerns

   4. Assisting with any issues that you might have

With technology, change seems to be constant but I would like to assure you that the technology team is here for you. It is a privilege to serve you and our goal is help technology work for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues, questions or concerns that you have.   


As a reminder, please do not forget to utilize helpdesk@frcsminutemen.com or helpdesk@franklinroadbaptist.org.  If you are unable to utilize this way, then please give me a call.  

Later this year, we hope to have a helpdesk website and to continue to make some improvements.    

Current Projects

    Network Upgrade

Over Christmas Break, I replaced all of the network switches on campus and basically these are devices that allow computers to communicate with each other.  Not to go into too much detail, but we are working to provide a faster internet speed and also to increase our security from outside influences.  Most of these changes I do after hours and late at night so as not to impact your daily routines. There will be other times this year though, where it may impact your daily routine.  I will do my best to communicate this with you but please be patient if this happens.  Even with the best laid out plans, there are times where you miss something.  A most recent example was when I updated the Printer share names so as to easily understand which copier you were printing too. As you all know, this broke your ability to print and I had to go to each computer to fix.  My goal is to not impact you but there may be times this happens.  I am planning most of the network changes to happen over the summer but there are a few that I need to get done sooner than later.  

For some of you techie or interested staff, here is what I am doing:

Creating VLANS for staff, students and guests              

Upgrading Domain Controller to Windows 2012R2 

Virtualizing Servers  

Testing Windows 10 and Office 2016

Testing Mobile Device Management Software

Migrating from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365

Future Projects

Upgrading Computers

Testing Upgrade of Renweb Software

Audio and Video Upgrade

Phone System Upgrade

Intercom System Upgrade

Smart Boards in Classrooms

New Building  

It is exciting to see what God is doing and looking forward to a great year.  Please continue to pray for the ministry and all the projects that are going on. 

Matthew Haese |
 IT Director