We are officially on the way to our first game as the 2013-2014 JV boys basketball team. This big, yellow school bus is full of mixed feelings- feelings of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement. As we approach this new season, we are excited about the opportunities and challenges we will face as a team.

After the black and gold game, it became very evident that this season will be full of surprises that I don’t think any coach could be prepared for. Cameron Johnson, a returning eighth grader, led both teams with a total of 12 points on black and gold night followed closely by Garrett Simons, Jared Herdman, and Noah Lancaster with 8 points a piece. This is a team with a major lack of experience, but with the heart and work ethic of a champion and that makes me excited! Don’t miss a game of the JV boys basketball season! I can promise that many surprises await!