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Fine Arts Information

Dress Code

If you are participating in the fine arts competition, you will need to abide by the following dress code at the appropriate times:

Dress code for elementary and Jr. High ensembles and choirs:

Girls –White blouse (button up with collar), Solid black skirt (length must be below the knee)

Shoes- Elementary: Black shoes (no high heels)

Jr. High: Black shoes/neutral hosiery

Boys – Long sleeve white button up dress shirt Black dress pants

Black socks and shoes, a tie will be provided.

Dress code for all other categories:

Girls – NICE school dress (no denim, no polo shirts, no khaki skirts, and no tennis shoes)

Boys – Dress pants, dress shirt with tie (no denim or tennis shoes)

Notice: Students must remain in school dress code at all times. Demerits will be issued if this rule is not abided. Remember you are representing Franklin Road Christian School!

Dates and Deadlines

The deadlines for having pieces submitted, and the dates of the competitions are listed below.

Art – December 8 | Submit all projects to Miss Herting.

Sign-ups for individual categories – November 24

Local (individual categories) – January 12 at FRCS

District – February 4-5 at Hendersonville Christian Academy

State – March 6-7 at FRCS

Nationals – April 12 – 15  at Bob Jones University (Senior High)

Questions or Concerns?