Fine Arts

Striving for excellence in the areas of music, speech, drama, and many other fine arts.

District Academic Testing Winners 2016

All winners will take the State Academic Test. Only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive a certificate. Grade 4 2nd                   Ryan Dodson                           Grammar 3rd                    Isaac Spencer                          Grammar 5th...

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State Fine Arts Winners 2015

First Place Robbie Trenholm - Old Testament Bible Knowledge* Emily Anderson - Advanced Math* Benjamin McGrath - U.S. History/Geography* Angel Copeland - Sacred Piano Solo* Matthew Dumpert - Expository Preaching* Emily Anderson/Matthew Dumpert - Classical Piano Duet*...

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State Competition 2015

FRCS will be hosting the TACS State Competition next week, March 26 - 27. There will be no school on these days for our students; however, the preschool will be open. Students are required to be here to participate in the events they are signed up for. Parents are...

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God has given every individual talents and gifts in many areas of life. We have a duty as Christians to utilize these talents to glorify Jesus Christ. The Fine Arts program at FRCS strives to identify the talents of each student and aid in their improvement and development. We offer several courses that focus on the areas of music, speech, art, and drama. We also have many extra curricular opportunities that allow students to showcase their talents at school events as well as Fine Arts competition with other Christian students in our state and nation.

What is fine arts?

The TACS Fine Arts Competition is a friendly competition among Christian schools. Students compete in categories such as voice, instrument, art, speech, or academics. Students grades 4th-12th compete in all categories first in a district competition, and those qualifying go on to a state level competition. Students grades 10th-12th can also compete in those levels as well as a national level.

Who can participate?

Any student in grades 4 through 12 can participate in a wide variety of fine arts competition categories. Many students will already be participating in fine arts by singing in a choral group or ensemble, but students can choose to enter an individual category for competition in addition to their group participation. There is no limit on how many categories a student can enter so we encourage students to get involved in as many that interest them.

There is no financial cost to participate in competition. However, any student choosing to participate must be willing to give of their time and commit to work hard to do well in each category in which they choose to participate.

How do I get involved?

Any student interested in getting involved in fine arts competition can sign up online today. Simply follow the link below to fill out the fine arts registration form.