Evangelist David Corn has been a great blessing this week! We will be so sad to see him go! We will miss his amazing illusions and preaching! Bro. David Corn is an evangelist illusionist who travels and does a magic act to reach lost souls for the Lord. He wishes for all to be saved and believes that the Lord has led him to save souls through his ministry of illusions. His sermons are never a bore with the flare of magic thrown in!

Bro. Corn helps Christians in every stage of their daily walk with God. Not only with our relationship with God but also with our relationships with other Christians. Today’s sermon was one such amazing sermon. He uses his amazing magical talents for the Lord to help people grow in their relationship with Him. He amazes all with his talents and wins many for the Lord. Unfortunately, tomorrow, February 13, is his last day here at Franklin Road Christian School. However, all of his sermons preached here were recorded. You can watch tomorrow’s sermon as it is live streamed at frcsminutemen.com/live. If you would like to watch his previous sermons or any chapel service so far, visit youtube.com/frcslive.