February 5 and 6 will be District Fine Arts Competition for 4-12th grades. This is a regular school day and students will return to class after competition.

Following are a few reminders about District Competition.  Please contact Mrs. Stiles at sherri.stiles@frcsminutemen.com if you have any questions.

Dress Code

Elementary/Jr. High Choirs

Girls-White Blouse (collar, button-up), black skirt (below the knee), white socks, black shoes

(Jr. High girls are to wear hose instead of socks)

Boys-White long-sleeve dress shirt, black dress pants, black shoes, tie (to be provided)

All other categories

Nice school dress! Boys must wear a tie.

Students should bring money for lunch; the bus will stop at Chick-fil-A both days.  Hendersonville will have a concession stand available throughout the day; students are not permitted to leave the school campus to eat.

Music Requirements

  • Two copies of the music with the measures numbered
  • Original music
  • Two judging sheets

Speech Requirements

  • Two clean copies of speech
  • Two judging sheets

Judging sheets will be in the elementary and high school offices next Tuesday and Wednesday. Students are responsible for judging sheets and all copies.  Copies will not be made the day of competition. Please locate Mrs. Stiles at Districts if you forget judging sheets; do not go to the “headquarters” at Hendersonville.

A bus schedule will be emailed and sent home with your child next Wednesday.

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