All winners will take the State Academic Test. Only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive a certificate.

Grade 4

2nd                   Ryan Dodson                           Grammar

3rd                    Isaac Spencer                          Grammar

5th                    Judson Bjornstad                    Math

4th                    Baylee Keith                            Science

5th                    Ian Martin                               Science

5th                    Baylor Wisdon                        Science

2nd                   Luke Smith                              Social Studies

4th                    Allie Lowhorn                          Social Studies

1st                    Presley Applegate                   Old Testament

5th                    Caroline Pope                          Old Testament

4th                    Ryan Dodson                           New Testament

5th                    Noah LaMorte                         New Testament

2nd                   Noah Pence                             Creative Writing

3rd                    Maddox Robertson                 Creative Writing

4th                    Kennedy Gleyze                      Creative Writing


Grade 5

4th                   Patrick Canning                   Grammar

4th                   Tripp Walker                        Grammar

2nd                  Patrick Canning                   Math

5th                   Tripp Walker                        Social Studies

3rd                   Tripp Walker                        Old Testament

5th                   Patrick Canning                   Old Testament

2nd                  John Ingram                         New Testament

4th                   Michael Price                       New Testament

4th                   Lauren Weinmann              New Testament

3rd                   Lauren Weinmann              Creative Writing

5th                   Brooke Barnes                     Creative Writing


Grade 6

2nd                   Parker Applegate                    Grammar

2nd                   Dylan Sells                              Math

3rd                    Alyssa Bryant                          Math

3rd                    Caleb DeDominicis                  Science

3rd                    Timothy Wax                          Science

4th                    Jeslyn Anderson                      Social Studies

5th                    Timothy Wax                          Social Studies

2nd                   Parker Applegate                    New Testament

4th                    Caden Davenport                    New Testament

5th                    Matthew Warren                    New Testament

1st                    Brooke Smith                          Creative Writing

2nd                   Anna Leseanu                         Creative Writing

5th                    Alyssa Bryant                          Creative Writing


Grade 7

2nd                   Eleise Michael                        English

3rd                    Kaytlin Courtney                      History/Geography

4th                    Lauren Harrelson                    History/Geography

4th                    Emma Grace Lawwell                        Science

2nd                   Emma Grace Lawwell                        New Testament

3rd                    Josh Stanczak                          New Testament

5th                    David Byrd                               New Testament

5th                    Glorie Duncan                         New Teatament

1st                    Aubrie Schram                                    Home Economics

2nd                   Kaytlin Courtney                      Home Economics

4th                    Lauren Harrelson                    Home Economics

2nd                   Emma Grace Lawwell                        Essay

3rd                    Kaitlyn Courtney                      Essay

4th                    Emily Petty                              Essay


Grade 8

1st                   Keri Younce                             English

3rd                    Ashley Harrelson                     English

4th                    Skylar Meade                          English

4th                    Harrison Pond                         History/Geography

1st                    Keri Younce                             Math

4th                    Harrison Pond                         Math

4th                    Ashley Harrelson                     Science

5th                    Thomas McGrath                    Science

5th                    Josh DeDominicis                    Old Testament

5th                    Ashley Harrelson                     Old Testament

2nd                   Luke Johnson                           New Testament

2nd                   Jacob Manning                        New Testament

4th                    Josh DeDominicis                    New Testament

4th                    Jacob Phillips                          New Testament

1st                    Savannah Baker                      Home Economics

2nd                   Olivia Bentley                         Home Economics

3rd                    Keri Younce                             Home Economics

4th                    Tori Shelby                              Home Economics

1st                    Luke Pasca                              Creative Writing: Poetry

3rd                    Thomas McGrath                    Creative Writing: Poetry

2nd                   Savannah Baker                      Expository Writing: Essay

3rd                    Luke Pasca                              Expository Writing: Essay

5th                    Nick White                              Expository Writing: Essay


Grade 9

2nd                   Gabby Copeland                      English

3rd                    Bekah Clayton                         English

5th                    Lindsay Anderson                    English

1st                    Matthew Shepherd                 World History/Geography

5th                    Lindsay Anderson                    World History/Geography

1st                    Evan Haslett                            Algebra 1

4th                    Gabby Copeland                      Algebra 1

3rd                    Matthew Shepherd                 Physical Science

5th                    Angela Benninghoff                Physical Science

5th                    Josiah Kareck                          Physical Science

1st                    Matthew Shepherd                 Old Testament

2nd                   Gabby Copeland                      Old Testament

5th                    Bekah Clayton                         Old Testament

1st                    Gabe Madrigal                        New Testament

3rd                    Maddie Alcorn                        New Testament

4th                    Collin Barnes                           New Testament

1st                    Gabby Copeland                      Home Economics

3rd                    Lindsay Anderson                    Creative Writing: Poetry

4th                    Bekah Clayton                         Creative Writing: Poetry

2nd                   Faith Gleyze                            Expository Writing: Essay

3rd                    Angela Benninghuff                Expository Writing: Essay

4th                    Lindsay Anderson                    Expository Writing: Essay

Senior High (10 – 12)

1st                    Rebecca Wildes                      English

2nd                   Robbie Trenholm                    English

4th                    Abby Anderson                        English

1st                    Angel Copeland                       Home Economics

1st                    Rebecca Wildes                      Home Economics

3rd                    Ashlynn Scarlett                      Home Economics

3rd                    Libby Smith                             Home Economics

1st                    Matthew Dumpert                  New Testament

2nd                   Chris Montgomery                  New Testament

5th                    Aaron DeDominicis                 New Testament

2nd                   Robbie Trenholm                    Old Testament

3rd                    Ben McGrath                          Old Testament

4th                    Savannah Lawwell                  Old Testament

5th                    Naum Pasca                            Old Testament

2nd                   Kason Baxter                           Geometry

4th                    Brooke Adams                        Geometry

5th                    Mary Murphy                          Geometry

3rd                    Cayla McNeal                          Algebra/Geometry

4th                    Marcus Montgomery              Algebra/Geometry

1st                    Chris Montgomery                  Algebra II

3rd                    Abby Anderson                        Algebra II

3rd                    Violet Bingham                       Algebra II

1st                   Trevor Cannon                     Advance Math

2nd                  Robbie Trenholm                Advance Math

3rd                   Matthew Dumpert            Advance Math

3rd                   Nash Meade                        Biology

5th                   Jessica Hunter                     Biology

3rd                   Chris Montgomery             Chemistry

4th                   Abby Anderson                    Chemistry

5th                   Caleb Davenport                 Chemistry

2nd                  Trevor Cannon                     Physics

3rd                   Robbie Trenholm                Physics

4th                   Amy Russell                          Physics

3rd                   Trevor Cannon                     Comprehensive Science

4th                   Robbie Trenholm                Comprehensive Science

1st                   Ben McGrath                       Political Science/Economics

1st                   Robbie Trenholm                World History/Geography

3rd                   Savannah Lawwell              World History/Geography

1st                   Ben McGrath                       U.S History/Geography

3rd                   Chris Montgomery             U.S. History/Geography

1st                   Nickie King                            Music Theory

2nd                  Angel Copeland                   Music Theory

5th                   Cayla McNeal                      Spanish

4th                   Destinie Tipton                    Creative Writing: Poetry

5th                   Jessica Hunter                     Creative Writing: Poetry

1st                   Jacob Vongswady               Expository Writing: Essay

4th                   Nickie King                            Expository Writing: Essay