Can you believe it is already the sixth week?  Time sure does fly around here.  This week our 4th-6th grade students will have elementary nursing home visits on Tuesday.  On Thursday through Saturday we will be hosting the JV Regional Basketball tournament.  Game time have not been announced but when they release the schedule we will let you know.  We will be using the locker rooms and bathrooms for the afternoon on Thursday and Friday.  All JV players will have an eligibility check on Wednesday, the rest of our teams will have their 3 week check on Friday.  Please be looking over you gradebook for those students who are failing or close to failing.  Now would be the time to call any parent whose child is not doing well academically.  Please also look for incomplete work and try to get that made-up in a proper fashion.  Now is the time to shine as we communicate with parents and students!  

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