Hard to believe that we are starting the second quarter today!  Thank you for all of your hard work during the first quarter.  We have enrolled several new students since school started, and it seems that they are all adjusting quite well.  We do have a few families that we are still working with and our considering enrolling their children in our school.  Keep up the welcoming spirit!  For those of you who teach K5-12th grade, grades are due in the computer before you leave school today.  If you have any incompletes, please email Mrs. Anderson a list of student/subject to her.  This will help as we begin to transfer grades and print report cards on Tuesday.  If you change any grade after today, you must notify Mrs. Anderson.  Averages will not be correct if you change a grades if we have already transferred grades and printed report cards.   Make sure to look over your gradebook for the first quarter for any errors, this would include your RenWeb gradebook.  If you have any student with a D or F, those parents need to be notified and scheduled for a mandatory PTC next Monday.  All K5-6th grade teachers, should try and schedule each parent for a PTC.  In the past this day has been very productive for building bridges between our teachers and parents.  Please use this week to schedule those appointments if you have not done so already.

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